Financial Assistance

Illinois Human Resources

Illinois Human Resources is dedicated to enhancing the university community by attracting, retaining, and supporting a quality workforce. 

Child of Employee Tuition Waiver

Illinois Human Resources

An employee’s child who attends the University of Illinois or an eligible Illinois Senior Public University may be eligible for the Child of Employee 50 Percent Tuition Waiver.

Go to, then go to the “My Education” box and click on “Tuition Waivers,” then select either “Attending University of Illinois” or “Attending Other Illinois Senior Public University.”

Employee Tuition Waiver

Illinois Human Resources

Academic Professional, Faculty, Civil Service employees, and retirees may be eligible for an employee tuition waiver from any of the three University of Illinois campuses (UIC, UIS, or Urbana-Champaign). In addition to attending one of the University of Illinois campuses, active Civil Service employees can attend other State Universities Civil Service Institutions.

Learn more information about Tuition Waivers.

Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund

Faculty Staff Assistance Services
Appointments 217-244-5312, Crisis Line 217-244-7739

The Illinois Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund was conceived by concerned faculty and staff for the sole purpose of financially assisting other faculty and staff in times of crisis.

Learn more about the Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund here.

Shared Benefits

Illinois Human Resources

Donate a vacation or sick day to a pool, then the pool can be used by anyone that has donated, if they run out of vacation or sick time when a disability claim is pending before the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) or when experiencing a catastrophic injury or illness, depending on the type of employee.

Academic employees can contact with questions about shared benefits.

Money Mentors

Sponsored by University of Illinois Extension, the Money Mentors program is a network of trained volunteers who work one-on-one with individuals who request help with personal money management. Money Mentors are available to meet with participants online or by phone. 

Learn more information about Money Mentors.