Whether you’re coming to Illinois from outside the state/country or you’re studying abroad to pursue experiences internationally, we offer services and resources for you, no matter where you are.

Cultural Diversity Outreach 

Individual therapy meetings with counselors and group therapy options are available at the Counseling Center to assist with challenges that might affect your academic and personal success of being an international student, especially when familiar support systems may not be available. 

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*If you are an international student with specific needs or questions pertaining to your circumstances and your status as an international student, you may want to consult with International Student and Scholar Services for assistance. 


International Safety and Security 

Travel abroad often presents emotionally challenging settings and experiences. You may find that familiar support networks, medications, and health services are not available or are considerably different from the United States. Preparing for these differences is key to maintaining your wellbeing abroad. 

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TelusHealth (GooglePlay | Apple Store

Mental health counselor access for University of Illinois students residing outside of Illinois or studying abroad.

As an international student or student studying abroad, you receive the same treatment as any other student.

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  • Emergency Dean After Hours Support for Health and Safety Emergencies for Students