Your health, individual wellness, and collective wellbeing are important.
If you're ever feeling unwell, you don’t need to handle them on your own— numerous departments on campus are available to help! And if you aren’t sure where to start, these campus resources are a great way to start your journey.


Healthy Illini Podcast

Tune in to 15-20 minute conversations about health topics that lead to self-discovery and exploration toward enhancing your wellbeing and overall quality of life.

MindWise Mental Health Screenings

A quick screening can help you see if your feelings and behaviors might be related to serious mental health concerns.

TogetherAll Peer Support

Talking to your peers can help you get support, take control, and feel better in ways that are comfortable for you.

Wellness Reflection Assessment

WellTrack Boost Mental Health Journal (GooglePlay | Apple Store) 

Journaling and tracking your moods, as well as taking self-guided modules can help you learn how you can better control your mental health.



healthiest you


24/7 virtual, free consultations with a professional to help you with a diagnosis, treatment, and prescription anywhere, anytime.

telus health

TelusHealth (GooglePlay | Apple Store

Mental health counselor access for University of Illinois students residing outside of Illinois or studying abroad.



Explore wellness articles and videos written by your peers across the nation, including our very own Illinois students. 


Unlocking the power of positive affirmations

Life throws us curve balls—a pop quiz in class, romantic rejection, a clumsy accident that results in a minor injury—and it’s common to meet them with negative self-talk. We can be pretty hard on ourselves, even during mundane moments!

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studying or sleep

Studying all night vs. sleeping: Which wins out?

Thinking of pulling an all-nighter? Why you should sleep instead

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cover letters

How to write a standout cover letter

Writing a cover letter can feel like an annoying formality when you’re applying for a job or internship, but in many cases, it’s the first thing a potential employer sees from you...

Get Tips

Let us know if you have any other resources and tools that help you with your health and wellness! We’re always looking for new ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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24 Hour Resources

After Hours Support

  • Emergency Dean After Hours Support for Health and Safety Emergencies for Students