Assistant Deans in the Office of the Dean of Students at Illinois help you understand university policies and procedures, connect you to campus resources, and support you if you are ever in crisis. We partner with faculty, staff, and family members to address the disruptions in your academic and social stability and help you find your way.

Common Reasons to Contact the Student Assistance Center 

  • Academic difficulty due to physical or mental health issues 

  • Extenuating life circumstances impacting your academic performance and/or overall functioning 

  • Seeking assistance in finding or getting connected to support services on campus 

  • Reporting a concern about the well-being or safety of yourself, another student, or the broader community 

  • Medical withdrawal and re-entry  

  • Requesting absence letters 

  • Identifying Basic Needs resources 

  • Unsure where else to go for help 

Make an appointment with and Assistant Dean or visit us during our drop-in hours. 

Contact Us 

SAC Emergency Dean


An emergency dean is available outside of normal business hours to respond to health or safety emergency, or other pressing student concerns that cannot wait until the next business day.  

Helpful Resources

Core Campus Resources

24 Hour Resources

After Hours Support

  • Emergency Dean After Hours Support for Health and Safety Emergencies for Students